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Hands Raised

How many stories do you write?

In a year, I write  between 12-20 stories.

How many drafts of each story do you have to do before it's done?

Every story is different, some take 4 revisions and some take a lot more. All those drafts do make me feel cold sometimes! Haha!
The answer to your question could be here next!

How many books do you read?

This year my picture book reading goal is 250. On top of that, I usually read about 5 chapter books and also 3 adult books in a year.  Follow me on Goodreads
@ Author_Sandra_M

How do you get your books  published?

That's a big question! There are a few different ways. I can tell you that my method is to partner with a professional literary agent who helps me sell my books to publishers.

How do you get your ideas?

A lot of my ideas come from noticing little things around me that other people don't see and then I say to myself, "Sandra, go make that funny!"

What are your other interests?

Oh boy, I have so many! I like drawing, painting, walking, photography, boardgames, baking, volunteering...too many things to list!
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