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Writers are always cold...
because they’re surrounded by so many drafts! 




Writing was only one of many things I wanted to do as a grown up.  Looking around my school I thought I'd make a pretty good janitor and adored the idea of messing up the clocks for April Fools. On the other hand, being a kindergarten teacher seemed extremely fun. In my free time I would have poem writing competitions with my classmates and thought maybe I could be a poet! In high school I was introduced to marketing and enjoyed designing, planning and selling which led to 25 years of careers in business. 


I thought all that marketing and human resources experience would lead to being a business owner.  Everything changed when the company I worked for dissolved and opened up the time to pursue a career in writing! Which, as it turns out, needs everything I've learned. I still spend time in schools a volunteer :). Life has a way of working out :)

I am currently continuing my education by participating in writing courses, writing forums and meeting with critique groups and here I am today, writing! My favorite overall thing to write is children's picture books (especially funny ones!) but I have a devotional, adult fiction, middle grade and graphic novel in the making.  The best thing to read and share are silly, pun filled jokes! My top three tips for being a writer....write A LOT, read A LOT, observe A LOT!

When my books are available, be sure to look for them at your local bookstore, online at bookshop or request them at your local library :)

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Follow your dream!


Following your dream or passion can be fun, exciting and scary. Once you know what it is you want to do, it's just a matter of doing the next step. By following each next step you get closer and closer to your dream. So keep focused, stay on track and you will get there before you know it.

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Check back to see when school visits are available or add your information to my contact list by filling out the form below. Please include details about your school and mention school visits in the message. Thank you!

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Do you have writers block?

When I'm stuck on a writing project, I try a few of these things to get inspiration:


  • research a part of the story (setting, characters, habits, weather, animals, common phrases, etc)

  • read other books

  • go for a walk

  • doodle or draw something from your story

  • take a break and do something fun or silly



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Sandra is grateful to live, work and play in the Treaty 7 signatories of the Blackfoot, the Tsuu’tina Nation, the Iethka Stoney Nakoda First Nation and Metis Nation of Region 3 and happy to call Mohkinstsis home.

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